Can we submit previously created or submitted materials?
No, all submissions must be new and created solely for the purposes of the Filmmaking Frenzy: Revenge! contest.

When does voting go live?
Friday, September 14th. Stay tuned to and @fantasticfest on Twitter for updates. If that date changes, we’ll let you know.

How do I tell my friends to vote for my submission?
They just have to click the LIKE button on your entry’s page. For simplicity’s sake the voting is routed through Facebook – one account, one vote. Feel free to promote anywhere and everywhere – and on Twitter and Instagram use the hashtag #FilmmakingFrenzy.

How many submissions will make it to the voting stage?
To make it easier for the voting public to watch as many submissions as possible, our Birth.Movies.Death. team will narrow down a group of semi-finalists that will be voted on at It could be a small number of submissions, or it could be all of them. We’re expecting between ten and twenty.

After we submit our entry, can we change any of the credit information on the Frenzy site?
Use the comment form above to relay any adjustments.

My entry goes a few seconds long, but that’s okay, right?
It’s not! Sorry! Thirty seconds maximum, not including our short bumper at the end.

How will winners be notified?
Anyone who wins a prize will be notified via email. Participants who are selected to be shown on Alamo Drafthouse screens will also be contacted via email for a high-res version of their submitted piece.

What if someone colludes to somehow rig the voting?
We hope nobody’s sad enough to try something like that, but if we get an indication that someone’s cheating the system, they’ll be disqualified. We reserve the right to disqualify any submission for any reason at any time.