The Rules

  • Your video must be 30 seconds or less. (We will include a 5-second logo bumper to your video after you submit.)
  • The story’s up to you – you can adapt a scene or write an original. As long as there’s a complete tale of revenge in there, you’re good!
  • In keeping with FF bumper tradition, the video must end with the line “That’s fantastic!”, either in dialogue or narration.
  • All film entries must be submitted by noon CDT on Thursday, September 13th to be eligible. Entries received after that may still be used on-screen during the fest, but will be ineligible for the grand prize. Submit and read more about the terms and conditions HERE
  • Bumpers will be posted – all at once – by 5pm on Friday, September 14th, at for voting purposes. 
  • Entrant must not upload his or her film to any other public site until the contest has wrapped.